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I told Federal Parliament today the heart-warming story of the bowls club, at St Helens, on Tasmania’s East Coast.

St Helens Bowls Club celebrates its 60th birthday this year which is an achievement for any sporting organisation run by volunteers from a small, regional community.

But the St Helens Club has not rested on its laurels.

Its members range in age from 82-year-old Norman Brook to nine and ten-year-olds who are part of the fast-growing group of juniors taking up the sport encouraged by innovative St Helens Bowls Club president Mark Dickenson.

East Coast students are finding about bowls as a sports opportunity at school.

St Helens District High School students go to the bowls club over the road from school to play bowls as part of their sports curriculum and can also choose bowls to play as part of regular Active After School programs which the bowls club runs.

The club has set up its own Facebook page and website which puts its members in touch with bowls players from around the world who drop in from time to time for a game when they are holidaying in Tasmania.

Bowls club members are also improving their skills.

The club has more teams playing than ever before in two different pennants and the teams have all moved up a couple of divisions.

Good work!



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