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The Carbon Tax has been abolished. This is very good news for all Australians, particularly families and businesses.

The Carbon Tax didn’t make a difference; it failed to reduce emissions, instead increased the cost of living for all Tasmanians.

It means households will benefit from cheaper power bills, saving on average $550 per year in 2014-15. This will reduce cost of living pressures for all Australians.

Additionally, consumers will keep compensation such as the Energy Supplement.

Small business will also get some relief.  Lower power bills and gas prices from scrapping the Carbon Tax will make it easier for them to compete and create more jobs.

The Government’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has been given extra funding and powers to ensure savings are passed on to consumers.

At the election in 2013, we made a commitment to all Australians to:

·         Abolish the Carbon Tax;

·         Stop the boats;

·         Get the Budget under control; and

·         Build the roads of the 21st century.

We are doing what we said we would. You can trust us.

All these commitments are designed to help families with more jobs and more opportunities in a stronger Australia.

We will continue working hard to deliver on our plans to fix the budget.

For further information, please contact me on 03 6398 1115 or at eric.hutchinson.mp@aph.gov.au



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