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I’ve been on the road in the past couple of weeks and really enjoyed catching up with the people of Lyons.

Lyons is such a diverse and widespread community that everywhere I go there is something interesting, different and beautiful to see.

And all these communities have their particular issues.

We’ve organised a series of meet and greets in various places across Lyons in the spare weeks before the next sitting of Parliament, in May, to give me an opportunity to find out what is going on in places like Avoca, Mathinna and Fingal.

I went to Magra, near New Norfolk, in time to attend the annual general meeting for the 20 hard-working members of the Magra Country Women’s Association.

Rose Hardwick has just taken on the role of president for the group which raises a lot of money for the needy in its local community.

Good on you Rose.

I’ve also talked with people who dropped in at Swansea, St Helens and Bicheno and took time out to attend Triabunna’s jobs expo called Stepping Into the Future. What an outstanding effort by that East Coast community to organise such an excellent event.

I will be down round Ouse and Bothwell next Thursday (April 17).

Hope you can drop in for a chat.